Relocating Sizewell B Facilities

This programme would include the relocation of buildings which support education, administrative and infrastructure services. EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd will apply for these proposed works through a standalone planning application to to Suffolk Coastal District Council, in advance of development consent for Sizewell C. The application will be brought forward as a ‘phased’ project, completed in two phases.

Phase 1

  • Outage store – this is proposed to be located inside Sizewell B station site security perimeter to the south of Sizewell B turbine hall and four storeys in height. The facility would be used for the storage of equipment and contractor accommodation (e.g. offices, mess facilities, etc.) during outage periods;
  • Outage laydown – this is proposed to be located outside the Sizewell B station site security perimeter, at the southern end of the Coronation Wood development area. It would be used for the storage of plant equipment, and possibly for mobile workshops, temporary office accommodation and storage of containers to a maximum height of 6m during outage periods;
  • Outage car park – this is proposed to be located outside the Sizewell B station site security perimeter, at the northern end of Pillbox Field. This would be a surface level car park for approximately 580 spaces and likely be constructed with a grass reinforcement system base. The car park would be used during Sizewell B outages only;
  • Technical training and visitor centre car parking – this is proposed to be located outside the Sizewell B station site security perimeter, to the west of the Coronation Wood development area. It would provide approximately 100 car parking spaces and would be surfaced with permeable block paving;
  • Training centre – this includes the technical training centre, operations training centre and additional training facilities in a single three storey building. It is proposed to be located outside the Sizewell B station site perimeter, at the northern end of the Coronation Wood development area;
  • Western access road – this is proposed to be located outside the Sizewell B station site security perimeter. It is proposed to be a linear route running along the southern and western edges of the Coronation Wood development area.

Phase 2

The planning application would seek consent for a zone within which the following buildings would be constructed, subject to detailed approvals being in place prior to those works starting:

  • Sizewell power station visitor centre – this is proposed to be located outside the Sizewell B station site perimeter and located at the north end of the Coronation Wood development area. The detailed design of the visitor centre is not yet complete;
  • The relocation of the outage office, projects office, outage portacabins, base area facility, civil workshop, civil store area and existing buildings currently within the outline development zone (e.g. existing station entrance, modular projects building, canteen, administration building and prefabricated projects building) – it is proposed that a maximum of six buildings would be constructed for these facilities.

Development Considerations


  • The development, design and buildof the Sizewell B Relocated Facilities would be undertaken in a manner
    consistent with safety, reliability and sustainability standards.
  • The construction is anticipated to last around 36 months, brought forward in phases.
  • Construction is anticipated to run from early 2020 to late 2023.


  • There would be a maximum of 70 HGVs (140 movements) per day at peak of construction.
  • The designated HGV route would remain along Sizewell Gap, the B1122 and the A12, thereby avoiding the need for traffic to pass through the centre of Leiston.


  • A peak construction workforce of 175 staff is anticipated for these works.

Environmental Considerations

Through surveys conducted by our consultants and guidance from Suffolk Coastal District Council, we have identified the areas that are to be considered as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

This is ongoing at present. Both construction and operation phases will be considered and the findings will be reported in our Environmental Statement that will accompany our planning application. The areas covered will be comprehensive to include:

  • Ecology
  • Landscape
  • Transport
  • Amenity and Recreation
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Historic Environment
  • Land Quality
  • Flood Risk

The removal of Coronation Wood would be required as part of our proposals. The wood is over 100 years old but is poor in quality and ecological value. The wood is within our Nuclear Site Licence boundary and its development will allow important buildings to sit close to the main power station complex. As part of our proposals we look to provide replacement planting elsewhere.

A Scoping Report was prepared by EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited as part of the process of undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  for the relocation of a number of existing Sizewell B facilities.  Please click to read the document in full.

Have your say

We welcome your feedback on the Relocated Facilities Project. Public feedback plays an important role in informing and developing our plans and we understand that neighbouring residents will have questions about the impact of construction. The feedback period is 4 January – 1 February 2019.