Relocating Sizewell B Facilities

The application will seek permission to relocate existing facilities from land to the north of Sizewell B as well as providing replacement facilities that comply with current standards and regulations.


The previous application for relocation of Sizewell B facilities was approved on 13 November 2019. Since then we have explored the possibility to reuse an area of land within the Sizewell A complex. This means we can now avoid the need for an outage car park in Pillbox Field, with only landscaping provided within the field instead.

Facilities Proposed

  • Outage Store – this would be located to the south of Sizewell B turbine hall, and four storeys in height.
  • Outage Laydown – this would be located on Sizewell A land to the east of the Coronation Wood development area.
  • Outage Car Park – this would be located within the existing western car park, to the north of Coronation Wood.
  • Training Centre – this would comprise the technical training centre, operations training centre and additional training facilities in a revised single two-storey building, reduced in height by a complete storey. It would be located to the north of Coronation Wood.

  • Sizewell Visitor Centre – this would be located to the southwest of Sizewell B.

  • Administration Building – this would be located near to the training centre.

Scheme Changes

  • Pillbox Field – we would keep this a greenfield site, with some additional planting provided.
  • Training Centre – this would be reduced in height, so would be less visible within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • Land – we propose to use previously developed Sizewell A land.

Development Considerations


• The development, design and build of the Sizewell B Relocated Facilities would be undertaken in a manner consistent with safety, reliability and sustainability standards.

• The construction is anticipated to last around 52 months.


• There would be a maximum of 70 HGVs (140 movements) per day at peak of construction.

• The designated HGV route would remain along Sizewell Gap, the B1122 and the A12, thereby avoiding the need for traffic to pass through the centre of Leiston.


• A peak construction workforce of 80 staff is anticipated for these works.

Environmental Considerations

Through surveys conducted by our consultants and guidance from East Suffolk Council, EDF has identified the areas that are to be considered as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This is ongoing at present. Both construction and operational phases will be considered and the findings will be reported in the Environmental Statement which will accompany our planning application.

The removal of Coronation Wood (approx. 230 trees) would be required as part of our proposals. The wood is over 100 years old but is poor in quality and of limited ecological value, with few local species and the conifer canopy on the periphery preventing its growth and development. The wood is within the Nuclear Site Licence boundary and its development will allow important buildings to sit close to the main power station complex.


As part of our proposals we will be providing mitigation for the loss of Coronation Wood by providing in excess of 2,500 trees on the Pillbox Field site. These trees will be species that are local and more suited to the soil and landscape of the Suffolk coast. We anticipate they will grow at a significant rate and within a decade there will be ten, healthy mature trees for every one felled in a plantation wood that is in poor condition.

Have your say

We welcome your feedback on the updated plans for the Relocated Facilities Project.

Please write to us via FREEPOST SZB RLF or use the form to give us your views by 24 August 2020.